Fortnite for iOS Evolution: Innovations of Fall 2018

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Fortnite is a cult Battle Royale game for a reason. Its developers know that people want the same and the new simultaneously. And a game with the same essence and changing details is just what fulfills it best. So Fortnite for iOS, still being a there-can-be-only-one game, grows new features constantly.

The mobile version was launched in 2018, and there’s a lot to be done. While iOS version turned out easier to polish, Android with its variety of devices still resists, so the game is only granted to run on Samsung flagship devices. There are other reasons why the game can’t be found on Google Play (first of all financial ones), but technical issues also do their work in this limitation.

But the developers constantly contribute into the game’s success, and here are the innovations Fortnite players face this fall.

Gameplay (General)

As the Halloween event is over, the changes in the landscape are partly withdrawn. There’s no more Loot Lake; it’s Leaky Lake now, and it stands for its name.

The new way to get in the air is Balloons. You can use them to rise higher in the sky to watch for the enemies (though if any of them looks up, you’ll make a perfect target too). They can be popped on land as well, so your enemies can be caught by surprise.

The weapons and vehicles added before the Fortnitemares still remain here. You can find the Quadcrasher and ride it to get some air. With Quad Launcher you will be as destructive as Schwarzenegger’s John Matrix in Commando. Chiller trap will chain others’ legs with cold. But those introduced for the special event (like the Six Shooter, Pumpkin Launcher, and Fiend Hunter Crossbow) are gone.

The pets introduced this fall are still around, and still they do nothing but be cute. In fact, it’s an external part of your outfit. Chances are they will never play an important part in the gameplay, like attacking or detecting enemies, or healing you. Though some hoped that Halloween update will come, go, and change it.

Appearance (Fortnite for iOS first)

Fortnite looks more customizable now due to revamped HUD. Now you can select which elements to hide at any particular moment. So when you’re hunting enemies, you can concentrate on your weapons and health stats. Building moments are only devoted to your construction features. And editing has its own visual style.

Here we should also mention 60 FPS functionality. It’s under construction yet, but soon it will be unlocked for some devices (we guess, Fortnite for iOS will support it with the latest iPhones and iPad Pro series). Epic Games will roll out this update as soon as it’s ready.

Performance (General)

As we said, Android is the most problem platform for Fortnite so far, and developers are inclined to fix it. No more will it be exclusive for Note 9, but will approach other model users.

The next updates will not only include the updated version of the game, but also some system fixes in Android itself. Epic Games has got in touch with phone manufacturers to work it out in an interactive way. So watch your system updates. Maybe the next one brings what your Android phone lacks to run Fortnite smoothly.

It’s been so far so good for iDevice users, but it can be even better. Updated Fortnite for iOS consumes less RAM and require less space in your storage.

Miscellaneous (General)

The new tab named Events displays all the tournaments currently going on. It’s become easier for you to pick the one you’d like to participate in and to join.

Each update means that you have to download yet another file, and it can be a problem, especially if you’re using a limited data plan. Epic developers worked on it and reduced the size of a file you download to update the game.

So stay tuned and stay alive! We’ll inform you of any dramatic or minor updates of Fortnite as soon as they roll out.

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