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Arlo Review


Arlo is an application controlling the cameras used for Smart Home Security. The developer suggests the first wire-free, weatherproof HD camera. Download Arlo and protect your house from unlawful entry. order to find out more. Act right now!

Functionality 5/5

Arlo cameras make it simple and very efficient to monitor all the things happening around you and your house. The free Arlo mobile app provides tools to tune in at any moment during a day and at any place making only one tap. Activating app on your mobile device you will view the movies of your premises guarded with cameras.

The home page includes three main sections: mode, devices, and library. You have to choose one of it to perform needed action and manage your cameras, keeping the situation under control and reacting in a fast manner. You will find all installed cameras in a list. To look them through just scroll it down. Tapping the one you get access to the video. A range of options is available. You are offered to use location, time, and manual toggles to set cameras as you need. The app will send you notifications. It is easy to take photos and videos from the app.

Design 5/5

The design is simple and comprehensive. On the home page, there is a menu with three sections: mode, devices, and library. You can decide what mode you are going to defend the territory. It can be armed with detection of motions or disarmed when motions are not detected. The schedule allows for managing the situation in accordance with the schedule. And if you prefer management by location, you can choose geofencing. In section devices, you can see the pictures of the current situation shown by various cameras. We would say that the app is a little bit clunky, but still user-friendly.

Usability 5/5

Though improvements are available, overall Arlo app has not changed greatly since it was launched. As we have mentioned, it is divided into three tabs for mode, devices, and library – which are easily activated and used. In order to make cameras stream live, you should tap them. And that operation meaning loading will last about 8 seconds, and that annoys. You can change the arming status you are free to use various options.

Cross-platform use 5/5

Arlo wire-free cameras are located at any place indoors and outdoors. You can choose the models which suit particular surroundings in a better way. Download Arlo app and build your safe home applying Arlo working with SmartThings, IFTTT, and Stringify.

In-app purchases

Smart registration service starts at 1.99 pounds per month. Many users choose it because it is cheaper than many rivals offer.

Bottom Line

Arlo camera is a very convenient option when it comes with this application. It is reliable even outside making a clear video which could be brighter at night.