14 Best iPhone Apps Of Autumn 2018

14 Best iPhone Apps Of Autumn 2018 on FreshyApps Top Blog

When speaking about the best new phone apps, we must keep one thing in mind. All the apps you really need for now are already here, and they’ve been here for a certain time because they’re offered first and then demanded. So after the smartphone revolution of the late 2000s, we are unlikely to see the new software breakthrough without introducing new hardware we’ll really need (no, smartwatches aren’t that kind).

Still, there are always new apps you might find useful. Some of them do the old jobs better than others used to; some are just frontends for new cloud services, and others are not for everyone, but maybe just for you.

Google Duo

Google Duo app

It may seem strange to start this iPhone apps collection with something by Google, but so it is. Not the most famous of Google applications, this one utilizes Google services to make video calls to those on Android, who can’t use FaceTime.

The service requires a phone number, so you’ll be searchable in its database by it. As well you’ll see those from your phone book who’s already in Google Duo. The features of the service are quite similar to FaceTime: it’s a free video call app, that’s it. Select your vis-à-vis from your phone book and tap a button to start a video or audio call; tap another to stop it. If you can’t imagine your life without frequent FaceTime séances and want to involve your Android-stuck friends to it, Google Duo is the thing.


bitmoji app screenshot

Emoji is a versatile international language Jonathan Swift could only dream of. But can we keep it both universal and personal at the same time? Bitmoji is just about that. Create an avatar that resembles you as close as can be. You can even take a selfie to compare it to your real looks and achieve the best similarity.

After it’s done, you have an animated emoji library with a character looking quite like you. No need to replay the emotions you want to display and record a video each time. The library will just substitute your avatar’s face into its animations, so they look like you and act like themselves.

The app has its own keyboard the emoji are available from, so you can send them within any app that allows messaging. The keyboard can be removed or re-added at any time. It’s the perfect way to breathe new emotions into your communication, especially you often have to dodge language barriers in it.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel app screenshot

Well, we all know about Tinder and know about Facebook Dating coming, and we know that none of us can’t really see all the matches suggested by the app, but we keep swiping left or right all day, missing our chances to evolve some relation by a couple of words.

Coffee Meets Bagel offers another style of dating. Like in Tinder, you can use your Facebook data to enter or register. Then you need to fill your profile anyway, and only then you can select your candidates.

The service’s algorithms do a lot of work at selecting. Male users see the selection of females they might like; women see men who have already liked them (yes, for LGBTQ the method is quite different, but the essence remains). At a certain time, you receive a notification about who liked you, and you can like them back, start the conversation or just ignore. Anyway, it’s more efficient than relying on a chance that someone ever gets found with no efforts from you.

NYT Cooking

NYT Cooking app screenshot

For those fond of cooking, there is a great book. It’s not the only one available, but it’s all about quality. The NYT Cooking offers you about 18000 recipes of different food, so you can select some according to your diet, your preferences, or just your what’s-in-the-fridge.

Each recipe has a step-by-step instruction, easy to follow. There’s one very good feature: while you’re cooking, the screen doesn’t go off, so you don’t have to wipe or wash your hands to wake your iPhone. For the author, that’s a sufficient reason to stick to it (but not with a sticky finger!)

The subscription is paid, but the monthly fee pays with just one dinner at home instead of a restaurant, let alone the cooking inspiration you’ll experience and the impression you make on your family or guests.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter screenshot

In fact, the author’s been using this app for two years (and it helped with losing about 50 pounds), so I doubted whether it’s unfamiliar to anyone. But just two days before I introduced three or four people to this app who had never heard of it before, so it probably belongs in this list.

After registration, you enter your personal data (age, gender, height, weight) and your desired weight, and the app calculates your daily calories share. Then you note down all the food you consume, either by selecting it from the cloud database or by entering data manually. The app tracks down your daily ration, and when you approach your limit of calories or fats/proteins/hydrocarbons, it gives you a warning.

The easiest thing about it is a built-in barcode scanner. You just run it and get the barcode in the field, and after instant scanning, the app fetches all the info on the food from the cover. You only need to note how much of it you actually consume.

The app becomes a daily routine quickly, and as you get involved by tracking your progress, it starts really pushing you up. It’s free, but paid premium subscription with extra features Is available.


Fandango app screenshot

No, iPhone cannot replace an IMAX experience or even a regular cinema. But yes, it can help you with getting your tickets and selecting the place and time. Fandango’s recommendations are based on your location, so you can find the nearest cinema theater and book your tickets beforehand, before entering it.

The app has it all to help you select. It offers posters and reviews, trailers and ratings for each movie. As well it rates theaters and builds the route with Maps app. So, it does most of the work required for you to take your seat and watch a movie.

Fandango as a web service was there long before iPhone had made it to stores, but its mobile version embraces all the services demanded by cinema frequenters, from reviews to navigation. The app itself is free, but you’ll have to pay for tickets and other services you access with it, so it’s integrated with Apple Pay.


OpenTable app screenshot

One of the best apps you’ll need if you want to have a dinner somewhere near… or far. The app is, in fact, a booking service covering about 43 thousand restaurants worldwide. The built-in search system lets you search by location, cuisine, pricing, and other parameters. Irreplaceable while travelling, this app can help you discover new places right where you dwell.

The app is meant for booking tables remotely, with your account. If you plan to invite some guests, you can send them the details (location, time, cuisine and so on) directly from the app.

The app is designed separately for iPhone and iPad, and Apple Watch is integrated, too. So you get a reminder or a driving instruction right to your wrist when needed.


Headspace app screenshot

No matter how busy we are, we all need to distract sometimes, and meditation is probably the best way. Headspace is the app that offers some guided meditation techniques. Topics you can master with this app include focusing, deep concentration, sleeping, creative mode and so on.

Even if you’ve never been into meditation, the app will guide you through the early stages with voice instruction. Then, as you widen the headspace in your life, you can get more from it and add consciousness to the things you do.

The app requires registration, but you can use your Facebook account, as well as with the next one for training your body as well.


Virtuagym app screenshot

If you can’t find the time to visit a gym regularly (or find it too expensive), here is an app to help you recompense that. VirtuaGym is the service that lets you plan your workouts and then do them in front of a virtual trainer Brad Fit. As you launch the app in exercise mode, it shows you a 3D model of how you should move, with counting sounds. Alas, it doesn’t utilize the camera to control how correctly you are repeating, but it seems a matter of time.

The app contains a large database of exercises for different muscle groups, with various equipment involved. If you just have a pair of dumbbells and a bench, it’s OK: the database can form a full week or month cycle of different workouts you can go through. 3D visualization has its advantages over real videos. It’s quite abstract (not letting you compare imperfect yourself to that attractive trainer), it displays exercises with no mistakes, and it highlights the muscle groups you work.

The free version includes just a small part of that variety of exercises, but it lets you decide whether you want this virtual trainer. But even a year’s subscription may be cheaper than one or two gym classes.


Venmo app screenshot

Does MasterCard really solve all the problems? There are some requiring extra tools, like splitting the payment to a group. How to act the way no one overpays and no one stays in debt? Venmo is the app for making payments and splitting them, so a company can pay one common bill with each of its members only paying their exact share.

The app can also be used for sending money between its users, due to its direct connection to your MasterCard account. As the practice shows, the service is quite trustworthy, so no need to be afraid or create extra cards for using with Venmo. It’s no Venom!

Afterlight 2

Afterlight screenshot

Almost any app for pictures has its own built-in editor, mostly a simple one. But if you need something more advanced, here comes Afterlight 2. This app will bring mobile photo editing to a new level.

Make your pictures sharper or, on the contrary, add dust or prism effect. Use advanced filters or adjust the parameters manually. Or utilize special effects, masks, emoticons, and stickers to make your photos funnier. The app has it all.

One of the most fantastic-looking features is combining various shots of the same scene to get the best out of it, by selecting the best fragments and joining them.

Audible app screenshot

If books are things to listen to for you, then Audible is the number one assistant. The app provides access to countless audiobooks and podcasts, with an advanced catalog and search system. No wonder, as Audible is an Amazon company. You can purchase audio books or get free ones, listen to them online or cache for later playing.

Among the other features, we should mention speed adjustments. When you can’t make out some fragment, you can replay it slower. Or faster, if your thought works quicker than the reader’s voice.

And yes, Apple Watch is supported, so not only playback is controllable, but you can use your watch as a standalone book player.


Kybook app screenshot

What format of books do you prefer? The default EPUB, versatile PDF, comic book-friendly CBR or specific FB2? KyBook got them all covered. This versatile reading app with a built-in library has a customizable interface, direct access to Project Gutenberg library with lots of classic books in public domain, a built-in TTS engine, and a translator, and other features great for comfortable reading.

There’s another reason to love Kybook. Reading EPUB books in the dark with the built-in app can be quite an experience because it switches to night mode according to the ambience. This minor detail made me prefer it to the default app.


FuboTV app screenshot

For sports fans, Fubo TV is a must-have app. Its rebroadcasts the most popular sports channels in one pack to cover all the significant events and adds some news and TV series, so if you put sports above all, fuboTV might be all you need. Though it concentrates on American events like NBA, NFL, MLS or MLB, it also pays attention to international sports, like global soccer championship or local European leagues.

The broadcasts are delivered directly via the Internet, passing by traditional media like TV channels. That provides both perfect quality (though it depends on your bandwidth) and fresh content.

So far the only con of the service is its availability in USA and Canada only. But it’s only about four years old, and it will possibly spread around. But for Americans and Canadians abroad the app will still work, no matter where you get after installing and subscribing.

These are the most noticeable apps you might be unaware of for some reason. Some of them may make your iPhone experience better, while others can really impact your life stronger than you expect.

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