7 Best Music Apps For iOS: Everything A Music Fan Needs At Your Fingertips

7 Best Music Apps For iOS: Everything A Music Fan Needs At Your Fingertips on FreshyApps Top Blog

Can’t imagine your life without music? You are certainly not the only one! Nowadays, there are hundreds of apps available that make it easy for us to discover new songs, improve our musical skills, and so much more. Here are seven applications for iOS that you should definitely look into if you consider yourself a music fan.

Eminem Augmented

Eminem Augmented app screenshot

Those who love Eminem should definitely have Eminem Augmented installed on their devices. The app gives fans an opportunity to feel what it’s like to be at a live show in a new and interesting way. Also, you get a chance to explore Eminem augmented reality activations all around you, regardless of where you go.

The app offers the following features:

  • Live Show Experience – six songs from Eminem’s set are available with AR activations.
  • Augmented Anywhere – in this section, you will be able to experience two augmented activations, such as Shady’s World Portal and Monster.
  • Mom’s Spaghetti – this AR experience can be activated once you find Mom’s Spaghetting pop-up and scan the logo on the food container.

Podomatic Podcast Player

Podomatic Podcast Player app screenshot

Podcasts are becoming more popular with each day, as they can be informative and entertaining. Podomatic Podcast Player has been designed to bring you a wide collection of podcasts, from soundtracks to the ones focused on tech and everything else in between. The app makes it quite easy to access various podcasts that you can enjoy whenever you feel like it.

Some of the main features of this application include:

  • Offline feature – with the help of this mode, you can download the podcasts to your device and listen to them even if you don’t have the Internet connection.
  • Trending page – you can discover the newest podcasts using this page. Also, you can use the feature of finding podcasts in your area.
  • Social feed – you will receive updates on your podcasts and also be able to see what your Facebook friends listen to.
  • Episode settings – using the circular player you can add a podcast episode to a playlist, change the speed, like it, share it, leave a comment, and more.


insTuner Free app screenshot

If you play any instruments, you know that proper tuning is essential. insTuner is a chromatic tuner app that allows you to tune the instruments accurately and easily.

There are two ways you can use it to tune the musical instruments: with the help of the digital signal processing or tuning by ear using an electronic pitch pipe. With the first option, you have to make a sound on the instrument and you will see how close it is to the right pitch so you can tune it accordingly. With the second option, you will have to match the sound of your instrument to the generated one.

The free features of the application are:

  • Supports tuning of the electric guitar, bass, banjo, brass, ukulele, and more;
  • Wide tuning range from C0 to B8;
  • Tone generator;
  • Built-in and line-in microphone modes are available.

There are also advanced features offered by this app and they include:

  • Strobe tuning mode;
  • Landscape mode;
  • Over 30 historical temperaments;
  • 12 notations;
  • FFT tuning mode, and much more.

Ticketfly - Events Near You

Ticketfly app screenshot

If you love going to concerts and festivals, Ticketfly will definitely be extremely useful. The application allows you to find tickets to various events, from comedy shows and concerts to festivals, and buy them without any problems. Once the ticket is bought, it gets stored in the app so you can access it later whenever you want.

The features of this application are:

  • An opportunity to use filters, such as location, venue, and artists, to find events;
  • Finding out details of the events, such as directions, set times, headliners, and more;
  • Sharing events with your friends;
  • Receiving reminders about times when tickets go on sale;
  • Storing your debit or credit cards securely to buy tickets fast;
  • Conveniently storing your digital tickets right in the app.

Gaana Music - Songs & Radio

Gaana Music app screen

Gaana Music is the number one destination for those interested in Bollywood music, Hindi songs, numerous Indian regional hits, and pop songs in English. You can access a wide range of music completely for free and listen to it on the go. To find songs easily, you can browse through a variety of different charts.

You can use such features of Gaana Music:

  • Browse and explore new songs by the categories – romantic, rock, sad, etc.;
  • Save songs and create your own playlists;
  • Explore playlists created by users;
  • Get access to radio stations;
  • Share music with other people and view your friends’ music collections;
  • Read lyrics to songs;
  • Use night and day modes, and more.

MusicPal - Snap, Hear, Play

MusicPal app screenshot

MusicPal is an excellent solution for people interested in playing music, as it allows you to explore numerous scores and play along with them whenever you want. There are compositions that can be viewed for free and there are many more that can be accessed when you choose the subscription.

The features that you can enjoy in this app are:

  • Selecting a score and playing along;
  • Taking a photo of the score and then processing it in the app to hear how it is played (available for keyboard music and monophonic instrumental music);
  • Playing your score while being supported by other instruments;
  • Zooming in and out on the score;
  • Changing the tempo of the score;
  • Muting and unmuting staves, and a lot more.

Relative - Absolute Solfege Ear Trainer

Relative app screenshot

It’s impossible to be a great musician without having a trained ear. Regardless of which music you play, developing a relative pitch can expand your horizons and allow you to pick up the music you hear and figure it out by ear. This app is focused on offering you the best from the world of solfege, which is the system used in conservatories to develop the relative pitch.

The features of the Relative application are:

  • Practicing using pitch names, solfege syllables, and more;
  • Customizing the app to explore different octaves and scales;
  • Progressing from practicing on one note and moving up to eight;
  • Training your ear in various keys;
  • Tracking your progress.


If you are someone who likes to play music, then Relative, MusicPal, and insTuner application are just what you need to improve your musical skills and make your life easier. Ticketfly is an excellent solution for finding tickets and getting the best deals. Those who consider themselves the fans of Eminem should definitely install Eminem Augmented to experience his music in a brand new way. If you are interested in podcasts, you shouldn’t miss out on Podomatic Podcast Player while Gaana Music brings you an extensive range of English and Indian songs to listen to.

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