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Thank God we’ve got games! This summer Top 10 free apps on iTunes look like time has stopped for top applications. But while productivity, communications, navigation and social networking experienced no revolution recently, the games keep playing King of the Hill, and the King never stays on top for long. And while messengers, maps and others have become a necessary routine, games are responsible for injecting new life into the list.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor screenshot

Have survival stealth action games ever been such fun? In this game, you have to sneak into your mysterious neighbor’s basement to see what he keeps in. But every time you try, your neighbor (powered by special AI) sets traps where you probably may go.

So you have a lot of time to try, but don’t get caught, or next time you’ll have to invent something new to steal in. Elements of the quest, stealth action, parkour and puzzle are combined very efficiently; mini-games add to the whole experience. We haven’t seen such a phantasmagoria in Top for long.

This game is free for iOS users (though those on Windows or Android will have to pay $29.99). At least, you can play Act I to decide if it’s worth purchasing.


TENKYU screenshot

A 3D maze to roll a ball through seems such an obvious idea, and no wonder. The first game with accelerometer controls, Teeter, has been there since HTC Touch Diamond (that is, for more than a decade). But Tenkyu has wrapped the idea into a perfect cover.

So, there is an abstract maze in the year, and there’s a ball, and there’s a hole you need to lead the ball into. Position your iPhone or iPad horizontally and tilt it until you’ve filled it.

Tenkyu has a great variety of levels to offer, and they get more and more complicated as you proceed. We guess it will take you very, very long to run out of levels.


Snapchat screenshot

It seems like Snapchat’s been there from the start. The app is, in fact, a social camera for open communication with stickers, filters, special effects. You can make your videos public or private, share all you can express with no restraint, make anything you can to your looks. All the special effects are here for you!

Snapchat is the favorite teenage way of communication; for those who live in the moment. The media you make with Snapchat from the start can self-destruct if you set the timer, so your vis-à-vis only has to enjoy it while it lasts. This original feature still remains, but now there’s much more to Snapchat. To cut a long story short, it’s the way to express yourself: funny, bright and sparkling.


Instagram screenshot

Originally made as the method to recompense the imperfectness of iPhone’s camera and create a little community, now Instagram‘s got billions behind its banners. This social network, owned by Facebook, is highly integrated with it, but still lives its own life. It has its own “live-in-a-moment” feature (named Stories), but in fact, it’s a photo document of your life you can share or keep private.

No more a thing of fashion, now Instagram is a must-have for anyone who’s socially active. It’s the fastest way to publish a photo or a video and to make it look great with the filters, either included or provided by the third party. And there’s a great variety of auxiliary apps for reposting, saving photos, generating sets of hashtags, or promoting your account. Recently Instagram launched its own video service, IGTV, but the original app is still beyond any competition.


messenger screenshot


While Apple’s FaceTime is great and regular texting is versatile, they both have their drawbacks. So Facebook Messenger still stays among the top apps. It’s really global because for many people the Internet and Facebook are synonyms.

Messenger is not for free texting only. Within it, you can share photos and videos, audio messages, any type of files, send your emotions or locations. And yes. It does support free voice or video calls.

And all you have to pay is create your Facebook account. You don’t even have to install it; Messenger is quite a self-sufficient app. But if you wish…


facebook screenshot

Yes, people still install Facebook app, and do it often enough to keep it in the Top 10. The client has all the features from the web version. You can update your statuses or read others’, upload photos, share pages or posts you like, and (of course) express what you feel toward some status.

But in order to enjoy private conversations on Facebook, you’ll have to install Messenger as well.

Hello Stars

Hello Stars screenshot

And a game again, and this one is rather new. The simple idea of collecting stars by hitting them with a ball looks completely new. It’s all about the new way of interaction: to make the ball move, you need to draw an arc, an angle or just a line and then let it move. The class of physical puzzles seemed quite exhausted, but this game looks like its resurrection.

Unfortunately, it will probably remain one of a kind, as it’s hard to invent something as great and not look like a miserable follower. But that’s another reason to enjoy Hello Stars while it’s sort of unique.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends screenshot

The legendary racing game has always attracted enormous attention, and the9th installment keeps it high. Looking like a bright cartoon and thrilling like a good movie, every time it’s about better, bigger, faster, more, and Legends makes no exception. More famous car vendors, more legendary models. More detailed graphics, faster car, more exotic racing tracks and beautiful environments. More realistic virtual physics and more advanced controls.

Though the game with such stunning visuals seems to have an appetite just like that, it is said to run even on ancient iPhone 5s. And the iOS version required for it is as low as 8.0. The art of making these enormous games compatible with obsolete OS is quite a kind of magic.

The developers say it’s a must play for all racing fans. As the game hit the Top 10, they are right.

Google Maps – GPS

Google maps screenshot

What to say here? People will always need the best free maps available, and still, it’s Google Maps. The service that learns more and more tricks each time is far better than any competitors, and, being provided by Google, it’s fully compatible with other services and your Google account.

This time its new feature is food recommendations. According to your personal preferences, it can extract from your history and the likes it gets from its big, very big data, Google Maps recommends you the best places to have a meal you will probably like best. Now focusing on restaurants, tomorrow Google Map will apply these methods to some other sphere of life; and you’ll be notified of it after the update.

And still, you can do all you usually do with Google Maps. Find places, build routes, search for businesses and POIs, and locate your friends’ addresses to find them. Look at any location on Earth through photos, store the maps in your phone memory to use them offline, and enjoy indoor maps to make your way while in malls or airports, where the satellite signal is not available.

Its place in the Top 10 is stable, and it’s hard to imagine a navigation app that would displace Google’s. screenshot

And the 10th app from the Top 10 is a game again; this time it’s about being a hole. Yes, your character is a little black hole that roams in the city and swallows all it can. The bigger is the hole, the bigger object it can swallow and the more points it gets for it.

Oh, we forgot. It would have been pure fun, but you’re not the only hole around, and your rivals would like to swallow you. So grow bigger as fast as you can, so they have to fear you.

The original idea makes this game attractive, and due to simple graphics, it’s compatible even with the old generation iPhones and iPads. Add a little luck, and the game is in Top 10.

That’s Top 10 free apps for iOS, as for August 1, 2018. The positions may fluctuate, but the list remains the same. We’ll keep you informed about any changes on top.

And… a little note for independent developers: do you see now that your chance is in making simple and defying games? So come on!

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