Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle review

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Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Review

Friday the 13th is a puzzle horror game with a well-known character from the popular film. You will be offered to complete over 100 puzzle levels in this update. Download Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle on your iOS or Android and enjoy this game.

Graphics 4.5/5

Graphics are simple but rather smooth and able to frighten and fill someone with terror. The design is developed very close to the films with all those asymmetrical multiplayer matches.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Jason, the key character, wants to kill every last person on the map, while in their turn victims are escaping during the game. Though there are characters which are going to kill Jason. In general, the plot is very close to the movies. The developer suggests plenty of images of Jason. You will see Supermax Jason, Frozen Jason and more. There are a lot of various scenes with traps, cops, and cats. There will be land mines and rotary telephones. You’ll be able to teleport. Enjoy those modes with different levels of cruelty and complicity. For instance, ‘R’ mode provides dreadful Kill Scenes while ‘PG’ is nice for calm puzzle experience available even for children. You can use unblocked new murder weapons when you start every next level.

The gameplay is rather amazing. Jason is very overpowered, and this keeps tension across all the levels. You will certainly meet difficulties in killing Jason. To protect yourself you will be suggested to apply useful items like a map of the area, pocket knives, healing sprays, car keys allowing you to escape if you find a car battery and fuel, and others. There are a lot of hiding places. You are expected to find them on this map. There are 4 survival options. You can escape by boat or by car, call the police which should rescue you, and just survive the night. To apply any of these methods you should have key, and it is much easier to do it together with other victims.

Controls 5/5

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle review cannot be considered as a tutorial, and we cannot suggest the full description of controls in this format. But t is rather convenient to navigate the characters using a keyboard. You’ll be able to make them run, drop items, hold breath, move forward, backward, left, right, and so on.

Replay Value 5/5

Replay value is rather high due to numerous modes. There are even a couple of offline modes. You can increase the durability of the game, playing as Jason and as counsellors. When you switch a complicated mode, you will get even more challenges demanding you to be involved even more. Add in-app purchases to all the above, and you will play this game endlessly.

Bottom Line

Download Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle and try your skills across over a hundred puzzle levels. All your activity will be accompanied by horror icon Jason Voorhees. Everywhere this Jason will find his victims.