Words With Friends 2-Word Game

Words With Friends 2-Word Game review

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Words With Friends 2-Word Game Review

Words with Friends 2 is a classic word game for children and adults to improve their knowledge of languages. It is developed for mobile devices. Download Words with Friends 2 to widen your vocabulary!

Graphics 5/5

The design is nice and intelligent. Everything is clear and simple. You will enjoy vivid but delicate colors, lists of themes of various degrees of difficulty with lovely avatars. If you decide to play in teams, every member of them will be displayed on the screen. There are nice effects and other details which will make your gaming experience convenient and pleasant. Unfortunately, there is add which is removed in Words With Friends Pro available for money. There is also a release without third-party ads in the original Words With Friends for mobile device only. If you want to continue to play without that ad, just ensure that you use the same Facebook or the email account purchasing this option that you used to log in.

Gameplay 5/5

You have tiles where words should be spelled, and if this task is performed correctly, you will earn points. There are several languages available for playing: English, British English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French. Dictionary includes words from various areas, themes, and genres. You will appreciate this advanced word game allowing you to play in several modes: solo and cooperative. In Solo Challenge events you will play with a digital intelligence, but if you want to compete with alive players, invite your friends and find out whether you are able to build words faster. Up to 5 players can be engaged in one team.

This hot word game provides cash prizes. To get them you have to answer 12 questions connected with words without being mistaken. Incorrect answer is also possible, you can continue playing, and you will certainly earn rewards when improve your word knowledge. Develop your linguistic skills and train your ability to think quickly. During gameplay, you will collect badges which are different every week. Create your collection and keep it in a particular case intended for those badges.

Controls 5/5

Here you can do most movements touching the screen of your smartphone. You are expected to tile choice, place words and search for the definition of an unfamiliar word. It is easy to do all those operations with your fingers tapping keyboards, icons, and choices. If there are questions, turn to a guide.

Replay Value 5/5

The challenges in this game are added weekly, so you can return to this activity scoring against your friends. As far as all past games are stored, you can continue any previous version and progress in it with friends or alone. So, you do not lose anything and enjoy the fun! The game is free, but you can count on in-app purchases offering additional content as well as in-game currency. So, when you are tired of free options, you can try the chargeable game.

Bottom Line

As it is clear form Words with Friends 2 review, this is the next version of the first release debuted in 2009. Here the core gameplay remains the same. Download Words with Friends 2 and create a game and invite others to take part in it, using Smart Match. You can start alone, increasing score and winning the WordMaster which is able to get tougher offering you more challenges.